Teacher Education

     The Guthrie Scottish Rite Foundation began training public school teachers in multi-sensory phonic-based teaching methods in 1984, when it partnered with the Payne Education Center, another non-profit organization founded by parents of dyslexic children.  Since then, we have trained more than 4,500 teachers in proven techniques for teaching children with reading differences.  The Foundation provides tuition scholarships for any public school teacher who wishes to enroll in our reading programs.

     The core of the curriculum is Alphabetic Phonics, a reading program developed in the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital's Learning Development Center over a 15 year research period.  The curriculum has a proven 85% success rate in teaching dyslexic children to read, write, and spell.  In Oklahoma, over 90% of the teachers who enroll in the program receive scholarships through the Scottish Rite Foundation.  We are proud to report through our follow-up surveys that more than 75% of the teachers trained in the program more than five years ago continue to use it in their classrooms each semester.  We feel the Masonic involvement in this program is crucial to today's students and their ability to function in society as they become adults.  It is an investment in our own future.  You can find out more about our teacher training program by contacting us at info@payneeducationcenter.org or visiting www.payneeducationcenter.org