RiteCare Clinic

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     The Guthrie Scottish Rite is proud to sponsor clinics and screening services for Oklahoma children with communications disorders and language differences.  The diagnosis and treatment of childhood language disorders is the national philanthropy of the Scottish Rite.  The reason is simple.  Communications disorders effect more children than all other childhood diseases combined.  With 200 clinics, reading centers, and programs available nationwide, the Scottish Rite is the largest private sponsor of therapy for communications problems in children in the United States.

     The Guthrie Scottish Rite Charitable and Educational Foundation opened its first clinic in Guthrie in 1977.  Since then, we have added three speech and language therapy centers Lawton, Woodward and Ponca City, with plans to open two additional centers serving Western Oklahoma within the next five years.  Our goal is to insure that no child with a communications problem is more than 70 miles from direct therapy services provided by the Scottish Rite.  In addition, the Speech Pathologists in Guthrie provide weekly onsite speech, language and hearing screenings to thousands of children across Oklahoma each year.

     The mission of our clinic program is to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to school age children in Western Oklahoma who are challenged with a communications disorder and/or language differencse.  You are invited to help support this worthy mission.  If you know children in your community who have language difficulties, or to find out ways you can help support our programs, contact us at gritecare@sbcglobal.net.  We are proud of the work we do and are thankful for our many donors and friends.